The Best Fieldtrip Ever!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Could there be any other place in America that is more exciting than Boston if you want to learn about American history?? No way!! It was all that I knew it would be and SO much more! I could have spent years there...literally. We loved every minute of it. They have a red line painted on the sidewalk throughout the city that gives a tour of the historical places you would want to see. It is called the Freedom Trail, and we just followed that. We got to see Paul Revere's house, the Old North Church, Boston Commons (the oldest public park in America), USS Constitution, and so many incredible things. I think our favorite thing was climbing up the walls outside the subway entrance:) Oh, so much fun!!! I think this is one of the places I miss the most:)

Well it's been a while...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Now that Thanksgiving is over I have rededicated myself to posting pictures on my blog. However, with Christmas just around the corner this might be my only post! It's amazing how many things there are to do in a day.

We gave up on the whole letter a week theme school idea. It was cute but required too much preparation time that I don't have with a new infant in the home. I decided, after our field trip to the Northeast, to set up a Time Machine and we would go back in time to different time periods instead. This has worked amazingly well because we are able to study any aspect of life that occured in whatever particular span of time. For example, we can study art, math, language, literature, poetry, science, astronomy, philosophy, history of course, and any other specific subject because it all happened in history. I have liked studying things in a historically chronological order. It makes any new information I get fit better in my mind:)

There was one last themed week before our trip...C is for Camera. We studied light and made a pinhole camera. It took us the whole week, but it is a very fun project to do with your kids. You can actually take a real picture with it and get it developed. Very fun! The kids will always remember this one:) More posts on the trip in the next couple days! (I'm probably lying).

The Rag Coat

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Caleb, Courtney, and Becca were so inspired by a book we read called, "The Rag Coat" that they wanted to memorialize some of our old clothing and blankets by making a quilt or something. We cut out squares from some clothes that we didn't wear anymore, but had a hard time wanting to give away, and pieced them together to try and make a's not done yet, and it might be a while before it actually looks like a pillow, but it's a start!

B is for Bats

B is for beach, but also bats. We studied vibrations and did everything "bat" this week. This game in the picture is where someone was blindfolded and was the bat, someone else was a tree and didn't move, and the others were moths and flew around. It was just like Marco Polo. The bat would call out, "Moths!" and the moths would say, "Here!" and the bat would have to find the moths using only their sense of hearing. If the bat got too close to the tree (or something else that could endanger the bat) the tree would whisper, "Tree!" and the bat would know to turn around. It was such a fun game, and they learned a lot!

There were so many great bat day I tied a cotton ball around each of the kids necks. Each cotton ball had a different scent on it (I used vanilla extract, tabasco sauce, and lemon juice) I had a bunch of other cotton balls (the bat babies) all grouped together in the 'cave'. Each child had to find their own baby by finding the one that had the same scent. It was so cute, and they were right every time!

We did a bunch of other fun stories and recited poems too. Our favorite poem was:

"The baby bat cried out in fright,
'Turn on the dark
I'm afraid of the light!'"

Stone Mountain

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our good friends in the ward, the Griffins, invited us to go along with them to Stone Mountain on Labor Day. We had a was such a beautiful place. Rog caught some good shots of the girls (Caleb was off amassing a large collection of stones.:)

After the Rain


After a heavy downpour one night our drainage creek in the backyard was filled with water.

After a play like this we always go inside for a nice warm bath and hot chocolate.



The weekend before our beach vacation we went on a "baby friendly" campout. "Baby friendly" means that you have to be within easy access to a crib, kitchen, and all sanitary conveniences. For us this meant camping out in our backyard with a baby monitor attached to a very long extension cord (which, since it is extremely hot and humid on summer nights, also connected the fan we brought in the tent with us). So, while I wouldn't describe it as being extremely rugged or adventurous, it was tons of fun!